Since his secret identity become public knowledge, Matt Murdock's life has spiralled further and further down. Now he presides over Hell's Kitchen having proclaimed himself the new Kingpin. Has Daredevil crossed the line?

This entry wraps up Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev's stellar run on Daredevil as they drag Matt Murdock further into the New York underworld. There's a good reason why these comments have been heaped with praise and awards.

A part of the 'Clone Saga', THE PARKER LEGACY picks up where BIRTH OF A SPIDER-MAN left off. The 'Spider-Man' clone has just learned that he's not the real Peter Parker. Picking himself up, he leaves New York in search of a new identity...

Stories leading into this one:

BIRTH OF A SPIDER-MAN - The origin of Spider-Man's clone

Crossover: This story ran as a series of back-up features through three Spider-Man titles.

A look back at an earlier episode of the Cave of Solitude from this year! Eric Anthony and Dave Molyneaux discuss their top five Marvel titles and stories from the 1990s. Were '90s comics really as bad as some say? Some good must've come out of that decade, right? 

If you want to get straight into it, jump ahead to 00:45 for the rundown! What makes the cut?

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This episode was recorded in August 2021.

Acting as an epilogue to the epic ONE NATION UNDER DOOM event that shook up Marvel's 2099 titles, 'X-Nation' follows Doom's escape from John Herod and his return to the mutant haven Halo City. Doom created Halo City, but left is in the hands of one his his most-trusted Black Cabinet members, the mutants Morphine Somers, his Minister of Humanity. But the X-Men would being to question Somers' right to govern Halo when a band of mutant zombies attack, including one of their original team mates.

Time and time again, I've sung the praises of Peter David's epic run on Incredible Hulk. Peter took over the title when sales were at an all-time low and literally no one else wanted to write the series. Four years later, the title had become a regular in the top ten comics charts and was winning awards and critical acclaim. Not only is this my favourite Hulk run, I think it's my favourite run by any writer on any Marvel series.

With its roots right back at the outing of Matt Murdock as Daredevil (during UNDERBOSS) and callbacks to the introduction of the Snakeroot (during FALL FROM GRACE), 'Shadowland' sees the Man Without Fear settle into his role as leader of the Hand. From his throne within the mysterious Shadowland, built upon the graves of his last major failure, Lord Daredevil leads the ninja death cult as a force for extreme justice in New York's Hell's Kitchen.

The Collector referred to himself as one of the Elders of the Universe not long before his death during THE KORVAC SAGA, but we wouldn't learn much more about the identities of the 'Marvel Super Hero: Contest of Champions' mini-series revealed the Grandmaster to be among their number and made his bid to rescue the Collector from Death. It was a move that would cost the Grandmaster dearly and it's one that plays into THE WAR OF THE ELDERS OF THE UNIVERSE.

Eric from the Cave of Solitude invites Dave from the Marvel Comics Guide back to discuss their top five entry-level Spider-Man eras for folks who've never read his comics before.

Always wanted to read Spidey but haven't known where to start? Then this is the episode for you!

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After HEROES REBORN failed to positively refresh the Avengers and Fantastic Four, Marvel Comics brought the classic heroes back to their classic roots! Despite everyone believing the heroes had sacrificed themselves to defeat Onslaught (during ONSLAUGHT), Franklin Richards had created Counter-Earth to give them new lives. But now they're back, with veteran artist George Perez and old-school-influenced Kurt Busiek to make Earth's Mightiest Heroes popular again with a more familiar feel.

A look back at an earlier episode of the Cave of Solitude from this year! Eric Anthony and Dave Molyneaux chat about the differences between Marvel and DC, comics in the '70s and the return to comics shops!

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This episode was recorded in June 2021.